Tennis, Berrettini separates from the historic coach Santopadre

The decision after 13 years together

Matteo Berrettini announces today, Saturday 28 October, the separation from his historic coach Vincenzo Santopadre. “I was undecided, I didn’t know whether to write something or just communicate it” she writes on Instagram. “I thought it had to be something just mine and yours, but then I realized that yes, what we have built, done and experienced is only ours, but it is also the tangible testimony that dreams come true, that hard work always leads to something positive and that in life, sometimes, we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously. I arrived in your ‘tennis arms’ not yet knowing what I wanted to do with my life, you managed to make me dream far away, while keeping me attached to the individual days that we lived. Every training session was a brick, every defeat a lesson and every injury an opportunity to improve and come back stronger.”

“I don’t think I can write down something that can truly make you understand what I feel for you. Gratitude, affection, respect, admiration, gratitude, joy and everything that is beautiful in Our relationship can only be told with a hug – adds the 2021 Wimbledon finalist -. Ours is a professional goodbye which probably increases the personal relationship even more. I have felt you with me in every difficulty I have faced in the last 13 years, and although there have been many, when I think of us I feel only joy. I am happy and grateful to the people who made our meeting possible, and proud of us for how we took advantage of this gift that was given to us. Without you there would have been Matteo Berrettini, but there wouldn’t have been The Hammer.”