Tension between the Brothers of Italy and Forza Italia, Cattaneo and Ronzulli: “Only misunderstandings”

Troubled waters in the center-right after Berlusconi’s words. The new Forza Italia group leaders throw water on the fire. Cattaneo: “A heated dialectic, but we find a synthesis”. Ronzulli: “Some misunderstandings this phase are physiological”

Troubled waters in the center-right. Berlusconi’s words on Putin and the flight forward on the ministers (in particular on the name of the Casellati alla Giustizia, then promptly denied by the Brothers of Italy, which focuses on Nordio) have created new tensions between Fi and Fdi. The two new Forza Italia group leaders in the Chamber and the Senate, Licia Ronzulli and Alessandro Cattaneo, try to throw water on the fire.

Ronzulli: “Fundamental fi, ready to play our part”

“We are ready to do our utmost and do our part in a majority in which we are absolutely fundamental”, assures the group leader in the Senate Licia Ronzulli, in an interview with Giornale. “There is nothing to clarify with the Brothers of Italy, the consolidated relationship within a solid alliance that saw us win the elections all together. Some misunderstandings in this phase are physiological”, she argued. “The dossier of ministers in the hands of President Berlusconi who, of course, is in contact with Giorgia Meloni, all the center-right work to give Italy a government team capable of responding to the great questions that have been waiting for some time to be addressed and resolved but also to overcome the emergency and especially the energy emergency that Italians are struggling with “, he added.

Cattaneo: “We will find a synthesis”

“We are Atlanticists and Europeanists. There can be no doubt about this”, also guarantees Alessandro Cattaneo, in an interview with the Press. “What Berlusconi said was a moment of dialogue within an assembly,” he adds. “He did not say that he is trying to mend”. The 25-year history of Forza Italia, assures Cattaneo, confirms “our full adherence to the values ​​of the West, to the Atlantic Pact”. “Berlusconi is a man of peace”, he continues. And on the tensions with the Brothers of Italy he says: “Last week there were misunderstandings […] it is undeniable “, but” none of us have ever had the idea of ​​external support “, he explains.” Better to clarify on the eve of departure rather than carry around misunderstandings “, he says.” In the center-right we confront each other, there is a dialectic even on, but in the end we find the synthesis “, he assures.