Teo Mammucari’s confession: “I haven’t seen my daughter for three years”

Teo Mammucari has released some statements to Il Messaggero and has recounted several episodes of his private life and his career

Teo Mammucari is a television presenter born in Rome on August 12, 1964. The Roman comedian has been one of the most loved characters by the Italian public for years, thanks to the rhythm he manages to have during his broadcasts and thanks to his ability to make people laugh even with a British humour. The presenter de Hyenas made some statements to the newspaper The messenger and told some passages of his private life, as well as his career in the world of show.

Teo Mammucari, conductor of the program Le Iene (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

Mammucari made a big apprenticeship in tourist villages and also spoke of this period during the interview, recalling the great sacrifices made but also the school tourist villages they allowed him to do. After these experiences, the Roman television host began to collaborate with some products on TV, such as Jokes asidebetween 1994 and 1995.

The first real opportunity came at Italy One with Hyenas in 1999, when Theo he started being an envoy. From that moment, his career took off, reaching its highest peak with Freein the early 2000s. The program aired on the networks Rai. He’s been back for a few years Hyenasthis time as conductor, next to Ilary Blasi And Belen Rodríguez. Here are the most important passages of his interview with The messenger.

Teo Mammucari: “That’s why De Filippi took me to Tu si que vales”

Teo Mammucari spoke to The messenger of his relationship with the former Brazilian tissue Thais Souza Wiggers. The two have been together for a while and have a daughter, Juliawhich the Roman conductor did not see for the first three years of his life: “Julia lived for the first three years in Brazil and I didn’t see her. Then everything worked out and now she’s fine”. His daughter lives in Milan and the relationship is calm again.

Teo Mammucari Ilary Blasi
Teo Mammucari with Ilary Blasi (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

The love relationship with the Brazilian model lasted from 2006 to 2009 but today there is another woman in his life: “She’s an army marshal, I met her on the street and then we met again a month later in Bologna. We’ve been together for a year, she’s thirty”. Mammucariwho will turn 59 on August 12, told the Roman newspaper that he would not have wanted such a young woman by his side but the heart cannot be controlled.

The Roman TV host has also courted an Italian actress in the past: “It is not said who she is, also because she is married. I was looking for a bed story, then the marshal arrived”. Finally the step up You are Que Valesthe program hosted by Maria DeFilippi. During a church wedding, due to the heat, Teo tells the priest he feels hot. The Milanese presenter was there and told her: “How dumb you are”, starting to laugh. After twenty minutes, the proposal to participate in the well-known network television show arrived Mediaset: “I don’t think he would have ever taken me if he hadn’t seen me like that and he hadn’t seen that I’m a normal guy who always jokes”.