Ternana Calcio extends the contract of Salvatori Rinaldi, affected by cancer

“Ternana Calcio is not just a football club but a real family for all its athletes. Being there and showing solidarity, a consolidated modus operandi, that of the company led by Stefano Bandecchi, former Chairman of the Board of Directors of Unicusano, who in recent months has offered contract to Alice Pignagnoli, the 33-year-old player from Lucchese, who was taken out of the squad by the club because she was pregnant. Ternana Calcio extends the contractual agreement with Deborah Salvatori Rinaldi for the 2023/24 season”. The club wrote in a note. “In fact, last March 1, the Ternana Women player underwent an endoscopic resection with unilateral emptying of the paranasal sinuses, following the finding of a accumulation of tumor origin“.

“The operation, which took place at the S. Anna Hospital in Como, went without complications; the player will now have to observe a period of absolute rest and specific therapies to be available again in the next competitive season. Deborah returned to social media yesterday, posting a very touching message on her Instagram profile.

“Going to the field -writes Salvatori Rinaldi- was not an act of courage or a desire to cover up my emotions. That was just the only routine I knew. Every day for 19 years I put on boots and lived the life I chose with dedication. Many times we sportsmen train with pain, it also happens that we have little desire… But we train. The only thing I could have done by inertia would have been this. Playing football. It’s not just a game for me, it’s also my job and this job is both physical and emotional. That morning before training I spoke in the locker room. I had started the year talking to the team giving a recognition speech and I finished the year talking about the same thing, but this time the words were heavier. This time I was leaving the ship to run to my lifeboat. That morning, after training, Paolo Tagliavento and Isabella Cardone were in the locker room with the renewal in hand. La Ternana made me cry that morning.”

“For 31 years I drew my masterpiece, but then a “monster” burned my canvas… It will never be the same, but with a deep breath, ups and downs, people who love me and medicine, we’ll go buy a “another canvas to start over. Thanks to true friendships for taking me by the hand. For my family, words will never be enough. I love you with all my heart”.