Terni, mayor Bandecchi against councilor: near brawl – Video

City Council meeting suspended

“I’ll take all the teeth out of your mouth…”. High tension in the municipal council of Terni, with a near brawl today 28 August 2023 between the mayor Stefano Bandecchi and a councilor of the Brothers of Italy. The mayor approaches opposition councilor Orlando Masselli threateningly and the session is suspended. “Honestly, I’d feel ashamed to be in the opposition’s shoes and hear the bullshit I heard… You managed the cash register for 5 years, you must be ashamed to say that you need money today…” Bandecchi says. “You keep laughing … I’ll take all your teeth out of your mouth,” adds the mayor in the question and answer documented by the videos. The exchange continues, the mayor gets up and walks towards the councilor before being blocked.

“I acknowledge the total inability of the minority to submit to the regulation and to respect the role of the presidency which is called to apply it. As well as the non-acceptance of the decisions of the majority democratically elected by the citizens”, declares the president of the municipal council Sara Francescangeli.

“The decision to leave the courtroom causing all the documents on the agenda to lapse because they were presented by the minority itself – continues the president – is serious and comes at the end of a morning of tensions fueled and provoked by the opposition. I warned this climate also towards me, each of my decisions was taken as an attack on the democracy of the classroom, while I only applied the regulation which gives the president the power to decide both on any measures to be taken against the municipal councilors and on the continuation of the jobs themselves,” he adds.

“After the suspension of work following the squabble between the mayor and the Fdi group, I decided that there were all the conditions to continue as I found that the climate in the classroom had calmed down while the legitimate positions on what happened remained.

“A decision, mine, also dictated by common sense and the desire to make the session productive, which until then had only dealt with three points, albeit relevant ones. I hope that a serene and constructive atmosphere will soon return to the classroom and that the opposition participates in administrative life in the role that the voters have decided”, he concludes.