Terni, prisoner takes his own life: he had been arrested for the murder of his wife

The 62-year-old man hanged himself with the sheets

A 62-year-old man committed suicide in the Terni prison where he was staying after stabbing his wife to death at the height of an argument. The man hanged himself with the sheets tied to the tubular curtain of the window of the so-called ‘transit’ cell. In the night between Thursday and Friday he had been arrested by the police on charges of voluntary homicide. In the early hours of the morning, around 6.45, one of the officers who was making a check tour heard a noise and found him hanged. The help was in vain.

“We are at the 12th suicide in 2023 of an inmate in Italian prisons, to which should be added a member of the Penitentiary Police Corps who took his own life in Campania just a few days ago. It is a carnage that one has a duty to stop” says Gennarino De Fazio, Secretary General of the Uilpa Penitentiary Police.

“Detention overcrowding, organizational deficiencies, inadequate equipment and technologies and inadequate staffing in all professional figures, the prison police alone lack 18 thousand units, often resulting in the infliction of a de facto death penalty – adds De Fazio – Emergency measures are needed and parallel structural reforms that re-engineer the architecture of criminal execution and, in particular, that of prisons. The Government must move from proclamations to deeds, there is no more time”.