Terrasini, Alpine Rescue looking for an elderly person

Since last night, teams from the Sicilian Alpine and Speleological Rescue have been inspecting the cliffs on the Terrasini seafront in search of 72-year-old Renato Gianfranco Modica. Traces of the man have been lost since yesterday afternoon, when the CCTV cameras filmed him as he parked his car heading right towards the cliff.

At the request of the Prefecture of Palermo, the men of the Alpine Rescue are sweeping the area by descending along the steep cliffs overlooking the sea. The patrol boats of the Coast Guard, the carabinieri and the men of the Civil Protection have also been at work since yesterday.

“In the event of accidents on rock walls, paths, mountain environments, snowy environments, cliffs, in caves and river gorges or in the case of people lost in a mountainous, impervious and hostile environment, to alert the Alpine Rescue it is necessary to call the Unique Number (NUE) 112, specifying that a medical aid intervention is required in a mountain or inaccessible environment. The #NUE112 operator, applying the specific “Mountain and inaccessible environments operating procedure”, will transfer the emergency call to the Operations Center of the 118, which will alert the Alpine and Speleological Rescue (Cnsas) “, reads a note.