Territory and society, the Ganassini Institute generates value

“We have always been committed to being a sustainable and ethical company”, says Vittoria Ganassini, CSR manager of the company

Strong attention to the territory and to people to generate a positive impact on society and the environment. It is the commitment ofGanassini Institute, which has become a benefit company, for an increasingly sustainable business model. “We have always been committed to being a sustainable and ethical company, aware of the responsibility for our actions in the context in which we operate” he declares Vittoria Ganassini, Head of CSR of Istituto Ganassini who explains to Adnkronos: “the reputation of a company is given by what arrives on the market and by those who work with us in the company that I like to think are part of a big family. This is why the idea of ​​becoming benefit company it is part of a natural evolution of our tradition that has always been attentive to people “.

A commitment to the territory which in these days is taking shape with a new initiative. With a donation of 50 thousand euros, the Ganassini Institute supports ‘Rebirth’, the new space for women to gather in Milan, in the Corvetto district, conceived and built by Alessandra Kustermann (Head Physician Obstetrics Gynecology, Sexual and Domestic Violence Aid and the Bertarelli Family Consultancy of the Foundation Irccs Ca ‘Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico and president of the association Svs Donna helps donna Onlus) with her collaborators.

The ‘Re-Birth’ project, which will be inaugurated on November 27, offers a support point dedicated to women and also to the young people of the neighborhood. It will be possible to obtain free psychological counseling and, in collaboration with the Bertarelli counseling center and the via Oglio counseling center, health and psycho-social needs will be identified to direct women to the most appropriate services, acting as a facilitator.

“This is an example of a beautiful alliance that is good for everyone. For many years we have been supporting women who have suffered violence in their path of autonomy through Svs Donna Aiuta Donna Onlus with whom we now have a strong bond. I also like being part of this reality to create volunteer moments with employees “. But the commitment of the Ganassini Institute for sustainability is also realized on other fronts. From the collaboration with Slow Food for the protection of biodiversity, in partnership with Marevivo to clean up Italian beaches: “It is not a slogan but beauty will save the world” comments Vittoria Ganassini.

As for the products, the Ganassini Institute embraces many lines present in pharmacies: the products contain high percentages of ingredients of natural and organic origin, and therefore biodegradable, choosing virtuous suppliers towards the planet. And not only. “Where possible we try to reuse scraps as is the case with the orange peels used for the essence of the shampoo, which we recover from a company that produces orange soda”.

But there is also the whole vein of packaging: “All our packaging is in Rpet, or recycled plastic, and the paper is FSC certified. And to reduce the use of packaging, with the Bioclin brand we have also introduced some innovations such as the deodorant refill “. Next challenge? “Becoming a B-Corp”, the certification that aims to spread a more advanced business paradigm that creates value for everyone and “we feel ready”.