Terrorism, Piantedosi: “We will strengthen the already very high level of attention”

“We are quite organized and we rely on the capacity of the police force and intelligence”

As regards the risk of terrorism in Italy, “we will strengthen the already very high level of attention”. This was said by the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosi, interviewed on Tg1. “The international terrorist organizations, those most organized around the jihadist narrative, have launched an appeal to activate the people linked to these environments, our attention is very highwe are quite organized and we are confident in the capacity of our police force and our intelligence, but we will certainly have to strengthen our attention“. “The escalation will certainly also affect the greater attention that we will have to pay to the demonstrations, as we did today (in Rome, ed.)”, adds the Minister of the Interior. In the evening, the head of the Interior Ministry called the prefect of Rome, Lamberto Giannini, and the police commissioner of the capital, Carmine Belfiore, to congratulate in person “for the wise and careful management of public order by the police who, with great professionalism and balance, have once again been able to guarantee public safety even in some particularly complex moments”.