Tesei, ‘from Giorgetti an excellent initiative, from Umbria 30 million for families’

”As a Region we are there and we are working by putting in place 30 million euros a year in favor of families”

”We find that Minister Giorgetti’s idea is an excellent initiative to counter the demographic winter that has also affected Umbria for some time”. The president of the Umbria Region Donatella Tesei tells Adnkronos regarding the proposal by the Minister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgetti against the falling birth rate.

”As a Region we are there and are working hard by putting 30 million euros a year in favor of families, a complex of interventions aimed at fully supporting them: from bonuses for kindergartens and primary and secondary schools, to the extensive no-tax university area, scholarships for university students, the bonus for sports and summer camps, up to two specific measures for newborns which are the baby bonus, a one-off contribution for newborns, and the new mother bonus, in favor of employed women or women enrolled in the employment office who have had a child in the last year, in order to make the new family needs coexist with working ones”, she explained.

”All on the one hand to encourage the birth rate with medium-long term results, on the other to immediately create the welfare conditions that encourage families to settle in Umbria – underlined Tesei – The first results can already be seen if we consider that in 2022 4 thousand new residents were registered in Umbria (double compared to 2019), which mitigated the demographic balance”.