Tesla, after the crash on the Stock Exchange Musk calls Tom Zhu for a raise: that’s who he is

The Chinese top manager becomes number two in the company. He will take care of the plants in North America and Europe. Famous for having slept in the factory with the workers during the lockdown, he is the architect of the success of the Shanghai Gigafactory. Here is the profile

After the crash on the stock market, Elon Musk relies on a trusted top manager for the relaunch of Tesla. Tom Zhu is the man chosen to support the African billionaire at the helm of the company in North America and the rest of the world. Known for sleeping in the Shanghai plant with the workers to set a good example in times of lockdown, Zhu has been indicated to take care of the plants in North America and Europe, as reported by the specialized site Electrek, maintaining the position of vice president of sales and services in China and the rest of Asia. A decision that makes Zhu number two at Tesla, with supervision over all markets and the global production chain.

Entry in 2014 and successes in Shanghai

In all likelihood he will become the most important Chinese manager on the US market, a role that will not arouse particular sympathy in Washington, worried by Beijing’s growing presence in the US. Born in China, but with a New Zealand passport, Zhu graduated in 2004 in information technology from the University of Technology in Auckland, to then take a master’s degree in business administration from Duke University, in the USA. After working as a consultant for Chinese infrastructure companies in Africa, Zhu joined Tesla in 2014 and gained popularity for making the Shanghai Gigafactory Tesla’s most productive plant: 40% of the corporation’s vehicles from here.