Tesla blocked by the cold of Chicago: We can’t charge them, a cemetery of robots

In Chicago, in the United States, numerous owners of Tesla electric cars found themselves stranded (the news on Sky News). In fact they tried to recharge their vehicles with no luck. The cause? The freezing temperatures that have gripped the Midwest. Photos and videos arrive from the local press of an apocalyptic scenario: a cemetery of electric cars. The owners’ stories are all a bit similar. After leaving their vehicles outside for several hours they were unable to restart them. And above all: none of them can figure out how to load them. There are scenes of desperation at electric vehicle charging stations: the batteries are flat and motorists have to give up their cars.

The directions on the Tesla website

The mercury dropped 18 degrees above zero. On US broadcaster Fox News, Mark Bilek of the Chicago Auto Trade Association explained that cold weather can affect the ability of electric vehicles to charge properly. “It’s not plug and go. You need to precondition the battery, which means you need to bring it to the optimal temperature to accept fast charging,” the expert said. On the Tesla website, however, it was already specified that at low temperatures more energy was needed to heat the vehicle, advising to keep the charge level above 20 percent and use the “programmed start” function so that the vehicle can manage recharges it by itself.