Tesla, Elon Musk: “This year I will pay $ 11 billion in taxes”

“For those who ask, I will pay more than $ 11 billion in taxes this year.” Elon Musk tweets it, thus returning to intervene on an issue, that of tax rates, which led him to clash with the Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, champion of a tightening of the tax burden on the “Scrooge”. Tightening that clearly sees the South African tycoon completely opposed: on several occasions the CEO of Tesla has spoken of a totally useless measure, relaunching a reduction in public spending as the best solution.

The tax account

According to the calculations made by Bloomberg News Tesla’s boss could find himself a fiscal account of more than $ 10 billion (more than any other American in history) if he exercises all his options expiring in 2022. Anointed Person of the Year by Time Magazine, the billionaire is the richest person in the world and his company is worth about $ 1 trillion.

Musk’s tweets

Musk has sold Tesla shares for nearly $ 14 billion since early November, after asking his 67 million Twitter followers what to do. Through the same platform, he also made it known that he wanted to give up everything to become a full-time influencer and renewed his support for Dogecoin cryptocurrency.