Tesla, employees exploit private videos: class action against Elon Musk’s company

Class action lawsuit is for invasion of privacy following revelations that sensitive images taken by cameras installed in vehicles were shared

More trouble for Tesla. In fact, a class action arrives: the car company’s employees would have used recordings of embarrassing situations. The lawsuit comes from a Tesla owner who accuses Elon Musk’s company of allowing its employees to use private or embarrassing images taken inside vehicles for “tacky fun”. The lawsuit filed in federal court came after Reuters revealed Tesla employees had accessed videos or pictures of car owners inside vehicles.

Electric cars have more sensors

Employees would have circulated recordings in private and embarrassing situations, without any consent, thanks to the sophisticated camera systems in the cars, the complaint reads. The episodes mentioned date back to 2019, and among those taken into consideration there is a Tesla that hits a child on a bicycle, pets in a car and several road accidents. The lawsuit asks the court to order Tesla to cease the “wrongful conduct” and pay unspecified damages. Indeed, the electric cars of Elon Musk’s company have more sensors, including cameras.