Test Medicine 2024 postponed, dates: all the news

First test will not be in February: delay due to the appeals presented and the changes to the Tolc. Sessions scheduled for March and then April-May

The test for admission to Medicine has been postponed. While waiting for the decree from the Ministry of University and Research, which is currently being defined, there is no longer the technical time to hold the first session scheduled for 2024 in February, as initially planned, which should be held in March. As a result, the second session is postponed to the end of April-early May. Mur’s intention, given the situation that has arisen, is to accelerate as much as possible so as not to arrive too close to the final exam, with the inevitable inconvenience for students.

60 days must pass from the issuing of the decree to the date of the Tolc Med. For February, therefore, “there are no longer any technical times, due to the various appeals presented and the changes that are being made to the TOLC system, managed by the Cisia consortium, for the parts that can be improved. As soon as these are concluded changes – they say from the Mur – there will be a decree with the dates” for the tests.