Testament to Berlusconi, unleashed social networks: over 1 million interactions

SocialCom/Adnkronos research: Marina and Pier Silvio the most cited of the brothers, the users more concerned about Monza than about the future of Fi. Ferlaino: “Cav continues to be a central figure in the Italian cultural panorama”

The opening of Silvio Berlusconi’s will unleashed the web and social networks, generating over a million interactions in just twenty-four hours. This is what emerges from a research by SocialCom which, with the help of the SocialData platform, analyzed the conversations on the net between 5 and 6 July for Adnkronos. The rumors about the contents of the will and its imminent opening have aroused the curiosity of users, who already yesterday wondered about the fate of the companies and the inheritance to the children of the founder of Fininvest.

Overall there are over 12K mentions (posts on public pages that mention the search keyword) and 1.06 million interactions (reactions, comments and shares). Facebook (40.1%) and Twitter (26.9%) were the channels where conversations developed, followed by News channels (23%), while the group of users over 45 was the most involved . Over 35% of the conversations concern the people involved in Silvio Berlusconi’s wills. We mainly talk about the children, but also about his brother Paolo, Marta Fascina and Marcello Dell’Utri. About a quarter of the conversations (25%) are related to companies, while a good 20% discuss the content of the document. 5% of the conversations instead focus on places, such as Milan (where the will was opened), but also Arcore, Macherio and Villa Certosa.

Conversations on social media regarding the opening of Silvio Berlusconi’s will show a predominantly positive tone (66.3%). Users seem to approach the topic with irony, using humor to express their opinions.

Among those who instead express a negative opinion, those who consider the media attention given to the event excessive, while there are various negative references to Marcello Dell’Utri. A focus was made on the people mentioned in Silvio Berlusconi’s will. Overall, children with the first bed are mentioned more than the other siblings, Paolo Berlusconi, Marta Fascina and Marcello Dell’Utri.

Here is the detailed ranking: • Pier Silvio Berlusconi: 33% • Marina Berlusconi 23% • Marta Fascina 11% • Marcello Dell’Utri 10% • Barbara Berlusconi 9% • Paolo Berlusconi 7% • Luigi Berlusconi 4% • Eleonora Berlusconi 3%.

A second focus was on the companies most mentioned in social conversations on Silvio Berlusconi’s will. Here is the detailed ranking: • Fininvest 48% • Mediaset 16% • Monza 15% • Mondadori 12% • Forza Italia 9%

Although not mentioned directly in the will, Forza Italia was included as it has always been considered one of the assets of Berlusconi’s empire. In relation to this point, there seems to be much more concern for the future of Monza than for the political movement founded by Berlusconi. The lack of a mention of the party in the will is perceived as a sort of disinterest on the part of Berlusconi himself on what will be the possible fate of Forza Italia.

“The social conversations on the opening of Silvio Berlusconi’s will show once again the centrality that the character has had and continues to have in the Italian cultural panorama”, explains Luca Ferlaino, founder of SocialCom. “Apart from a minority component that continues to consider the fight against the character Berlusconi a supreme reason, we can say that this time the users, even across the board, have bonded through irony and humour. An attitude that demonstrates how social media can also be open and welcoming places for discussion, and not just for ideological and social opposition”.