Texas, 3-year-old girl finds a gun in her house and kills her 4-year-old sister

Another tragedy in Texas linked to the proliferation of firearms in the USA: Sunday evening in Houston a three-year-old girl found a loaded semi-automatic pistol at home and accidentally shot her 4-year-old sister, killing her instantly.

The two sisters alone in the room, five adults in the house

The two girls had been left alone to play in the room, while five adults, including the mother and stepfather, were in other areas of the house at the time of the dramatic accident. Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzales said. The investigations will ascertain any responsibility of adults for leaving the weapon loaded and unattended in an unsafe place. It is not yet clear whether any of the adults will be charged for failing to keep the gun safely in a place not reachable by the girls.

In 2023 in the USA already 58 accidental deaths from firearms

It’s the second time in Texas since the beginning of the year that a three-year-old boy has caused a tragedy with a gun. On Feb. 3 in Wharton, a boy found his mother’s gun and shot himself to death. In 2023 there are already fifty-eight people accidentally shot by guns held by children. In about twenty cases, they died. In 2022, 150 people had been killed by gunshots fired as children.