Texas, car hits pedestrians at bus stop: eight dead. Police: “Intentional act”

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A car hit and killed some bystanders on a sidewalk in Brownsville, Texas. The victims, at the moment, would be eight. Other people were injured. The people overwhelmed were mostly migrants from Venezuela. The driver – identified by the name of Mauricio Garcia, 33 – was arrested and it would be an “intentional act”. The Washington Post, citing informed sources, writes that he has neo-Nazi and supremacist beliefs. At the time of the events he was wearing a T-shirt with the initials ‘Right wing death squad’, the right wing death squad. In addition to the assault rifle and ammunition he was carrying, several weapons were found in his car. In the past few hours, also in Texas but near Dallas, eight people were killed and seven injured by a man who opened fire in a shopping mall.

Police: “Intentional act”

Returning to Brownsville, the man ran over passersby near a bus stop near an Ozanam Center for migrants. He was driving a Land Rover SUV and, according to the first reports, it is probable that he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. After being stopped by the police, he was taken to hospital and admitted. Local police spokesman Martin Sandoval said it was an “intentional act” and added that the man was arrested for “reckless driving”. Investigations in progress.