Texas, mega statue of Elon Musk delivered to the headquarters of Tesla

A 10m long metal sculpture depicting Elon Musk, with the body of a goat and riding a rocket head on. This is the statue that was delivered to the Tesla headquarters in Austin, Texas. It’s a marketing campaign gimmick commissioned from 20-year-old artist Kevin Stone by two crypto-currency entrepreneurs in hopes that the new Twitter owner’s popularity will bring media and public attention to their products. . The statue, which has been called “Elon the Token Goat”, cost a whopping $600,000.

Elon Musk on Twitter: “New users at an all-time high”

Two million daily users registered in the last week. “An all-time high for the platform,” said Musk, who after the acquisition of the social network, has carried out a series of layoffs and outflows among staff, which have raised fears of a collapse of the company. In reality, however, that was not the case. Twitter’s numbers, in fact, seem to speak quite clearly. In the tables proposed by Musk we read that recent subscriptions have exceeded an average of two million per day, in the last 7 days, with an increase of 66% compared to the same week in 2021. User activity minutes are also reported to a record level, averaging nearly 8 billion active minutes per day, over the past seven days, starting Nov. 15, and up 30% from the same week last year.