Thailand, explosion in a fireworks factory: at least 12 dead and 115 injured

An explosion at a fireworks warehouse in Thailand has killed at least 12 people and caused extensive damage to homes. The balance also speaks of 115 wounded. The incident occurred in the city of Sungai Kolok, in the southern province of Narathiwat, not far from the border with Malaysia. This was reported by the governor of the province, Sanan Phongaksorn, who underlined that the explosion started a fire among the buildings and houses of the Thai town. According to initial hypotheses, the accident was caused by “a technical error during the steel welding process, as the building is under construction”. Currently, the situation would be “under control”.

The explosion in Sungai Kolok

As a result of the explosion, numerous shops, houses and vehicles were seriously damaged and some roofs blown off. As reported by Thai Pbs, as many as 500 homes in the Thai town were affected. According to some local media, the force of the explosion also seriously damaged the Muno market, a hub for cross-border trade in products in the Sungai Kolok district. The incident, according to the Bangkok Post, occurred a few days after another explosion in a fireworks factory in the Doi Saket district of Chiang Mai, in which eight people were injured. The provincial governor then ordered inspections of all factories in the area.