Thailand, Travisanutto: “Our mosaics in the Coronation Hall in Bangkok”

The president of the Friulian company, ‘a dream comes true’

There is a piece of Italy, indeed, there are many, in New York subway stations, in airports and in many public buildings around the world. There are pieces of our craftsmanship in many basilicas and cathedrals, such as in the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem or in the National Basilica of Washington or in the Irish Knock Cathedral. From America to Asia, the Murano glass pieces of Travisanutto mosaics, a company from Spilimbergo, in the province of Pordenone, decorate cities both modern and with ancient history. Schools, embassies, squares and murals, there are truly hundreds of artistic mosaics created in the last 40 years and present in many institutional and public places.

The latest news, rather than a prestigious contract, is a dream of 153 years ago which today becomes reality, thanks to the will of King Rama X to bring it to fruition. But that, to see it, it will be necessary to wait another 4 years, “I hope six months less”, hopes Fabrizio Travisanutto, president of Travisanutto Mosaics, speaking with Adnkronos of the latest project for Thailand, “with a very important historical and symbolic value , precisely because of the desire, born over a century and a half ago, of the then king Rama V, who asked that 12 panels be made in the Coronation Hall of the Wat Rachabophit Temple in Bangkok that would tell the virtues of kings and what they have done important for the country. In the legacy it was written that they had to be created by an Italian company and we were chosen, because we make artistic mosaics of artisanal quality”.

“The paintings to be translated into mosaics – he explains – are of such complexity that they will require an average of 200 days of work for each square metre, for a total of around 7,000 days, which the contract should conclude in 4 years. The panels to be created are relatively small, 1.40 by 1.85 metres, but it is a matter of doing a meticulous and very long and tiring job, a first work in the world, which however I hope to finish sooner, in 3 years and half, to inaugurate it on the occasion of the 100th birthday of the Supreme Thai Patriarch. Instead of 10, 12-13 people will be needed, but the motivation is really great as well as the importance that this work has for His Holiness, for the Buddhist religious leaders and for the representatives of the ministries involved in the project, and which I perceived when I met them in Bangkok”.

A dream with a double value, therefore, that of realizing a work conceived over 150 years ago and that of ‘giving it’ to Thailand on the hundredth birthday of the Supreme Buddhist Patriarch. in June of 2027.

But there is yet another anniversary: ​​“This year the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli in Spilimbergo, from which most of the company’s workforce comes, will be 100 years old. And this is where it all started, when my father Giovanni enrolled in the school in 1949. After being a student, he taught there until 1970 when he was offered to go and direct a mosaic laboratory in New York, Crovatto Mosaics . This opportunity, immediately welcomed with enthusiasm, will be decisive for the success of the company which will be founded in 1979, after returning from the American experience”.

The Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC., Knock Cathedral in Ireland, many other churches in the world, such as over 40 subways in New York, the airports of Washington DC, Atlanta, of Orlando and Seattle, are just some of the most prestigious venues that host mosaic works created by Travisanutto. Currently, together with the creation of the mosaics for the Wat Rachabophit Temple in Bangkok, Travisanutto Mosaics is engaged in the creation of works designed by Yayoi Kusama, an internationally renowned pop artist among the most important in Japan.

(by Cristiano Camera)