Thalía proclaims herself queen of style with a translucent look

Thalia He is one of the most important Latin personalities. Whether it’s because of her successful acting career as a musical, the artist is always present at the most momentous events in show business. In this edition, she was chosen as a presenter along with the Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi, the Italian Laura Pausini and the Brazilian Anitta.

Thalia He shared a video of the gala preview on his official Instagram account. “Rehearsals and rehearsals to always give them the best! You can’t miss the #LatinGRAMMYs tomorrow night on @univision at 8:00 pm EST / 7:00 pm MX” she wrote in her post. In the clip you can see how she accidentally bumps into Anitta.

It is that in the recording, Thalia and her colleague are jumping on the couch where they were sitting. The Mexican raised her leg and Anitta lowered her torso and face and they ended up in a blow. However, it all ended in laughter. “Oops, when two psycho bitches get together anything can happen,” Tommy Mottola’s wife wrote in the post.

Thalia. Source: Instagram @thalia

In addition, she also took advantage of the night to say hello in instagram to his friend Marco Antonio Solís for the distinction he received at the celebration: “What great energy in the spectacular tribute to my dear friend Marco Antonio Solís person of the year. I went specifically to look for him and to laugh so hard at the same phrase that we say to each other every time we see each other for more than 20 years, which is “and but that’s not important… what’s important is… and with that phrase we already have a little to laugh at.” half an hour. Congratulations Mark. You deserve this and more for your genius for your talent for your goodness for your brotherhood to celebrate my friend. I love you! And enjoying the industry with my colleagues and my family from my record company has also made this night full of energy”.

Thalia posed full body. Source: Instagram @thalia

For the event, Thalia He wore a black and silver outfit consisting of a top, Oxford pants, and a jacket of the same color. Her entire outfit had translucent details, which made her look beautiful but elegant at the same time. The post quickly garnered thousands of likes and comments from her fans.

Thalia at the Latin Grammys. Source: Instagram @thalia