Thanks to Grey’s Anatomy Patrick Dempsey has become known: in which films has the actor starred in recent years

Patrick Dempsey became famous thanks to Grey’s Anatomy: but do you remember where we saw the actor in recent years? Here are all the movies and TV series.

American actor of Irish descent, Patrick Dempsey has known worldwide popularity thanks to Grey’s Anatomy. In the TV series he played the neurosurgeon and primary Derek Shepherd, one of the most important characters.

Patrik Dempsey became known thanks to Grey’s Anatomy: but which films did he star in? (Credits: instagram)

The actor has been part of the series from 2005, the year of his debut, until 2015, when there was his exit from the scene. A farewell that embittered the fans. Certainly his death in Grey’s Anatomy was one of the most heartbreaking scenes. Dempsey returned as a guest star in 2021. After leaving the famous TV series, the actor was able to expand his career. But what films have you starred in over the years?

Patrick Dempsey, beloved actor: in which films and TV series we have seen him

Grey’s Anatomy gave Patrick Dempsey fame and popularity. The actor joined the US television series in 2005, when it premiered its first season. We saw him until 2015 and then returned in 2021 as a guest star.

The character of Derek Shepherd won us over and was one of the most important. Unfortunately, the actor said goodbye to the series, but this to the delight of the fans did not stop, this year in its nineteenth season. Dempsey was only 17 when he made his screen debut in the film in 1985 Catholic Boys. But in all these years he has expanded his career: do you know all the films he has starred in?

Patrick dempsey film
Credits: instagram

The Grey’s Anatomy star starred in theaters in: Meatballs – Piglets on vacation, Playboy on trial, Seducer at home, La musica del cuore, 110 e lode, Virus letale, The Treat, There’s No Fish Food in Heaven, Ava’s Magical Adventure, Me and Will, Scream 3, Rebellion, Il Emperors’ Club, All the Fault of Love, Freedom Writers, As if by Enchantment, The Love of a Witness, Date with Love, The Rules of Scam, Transformers 3, Bridget Jones’s Baby and in many others.

On tv he starred in: Disneyland, Jeremiah the Prophet, Once again, in the tv series Will & Grace, The seventh is the right one, in Karen Sisco, Angels of steel, The Practice – Professional lawyers, in the series Private Practice, The truth about the Harry Quebert case, Devils .