Thasup still hospitalized for anxiety attacks: “Situation no longer manageable”

The famous rapper and record producer Thasup, previously known as Tha Supreme and pseudonym Davide Mattei, has been hospitalized again due to anxiety attacks. It is the musician himself who gives the news to his fans, writing on his second Instagram profile, the personal one which goes by the name of Yungestmoonstar: “The anxiety is no longer manageable for me and it is taking a few years of my life away.”
Last September the artist also worried his fans, with him being hospitalized for the same reason.

The cause of this second hospitalization was told by the young artist on his private profile (not the official one of Thasup, but the one that goes by the name of Yungestmoonstar). “You all ask me what’s happening,” wrote the trapper from Fiumicino after sharing a Story from the hospital on Instagram accompanied by the caption reading “here we go again”.
“Nothing that you don’t already know, I say it in all the songs, the anxiety is no longer manageable for me and is taking a few years of my life away”, these are the words of Davide Mattei, real name of the rapper Thasup.

Thasup: “I will try with all my strength to make the anxiety disappear”

“I will try with all my might to make it disappear and go back to doing what I love,” adds the young artist.
Despite this difficult situation, Thasup also shared a photo in which he shows a computer and a microphone with which he is therefore creating and recording new music. “Anyway, I’m fine. I’m cooking trap even from the hospital”, he lets his loyal followers know. Last September – during his first hospitalization which was shared publicly by him when he let his fans know: “I go back and forth to hospitals” – Thasup wrote and released a song: 6itch 2a song dedicated to his ex-girlfriend, who left him during his hospital stay, as the musician said.

Thasup, one of Italy’s most beloved rappers and record producers

Thasup, previously known as Tha Supreme, pseudonym of Davide Mattei, is an Italian rapper and record producer. Born in Fiumicino and born in 2001, he is the brother of the singer Mara Sattei.

At the beginning of his career he became known by the stage name “Tha Supreme”. As you read above Billboard Italythe rapper has built an aura of mystery around himself, never showing himself live or in photos, instead using the now well-known avatar with the purple sweatshirt.
Thasup began producing at the age of 14 and gained popularity in 2019 with the release of his debut album, titled 23 6451. His debut album topped the charts thanks to the singles Blun7 in Swishland, 5olo, Scuol4 And M8nstar. The album also features, among others, the featurings with Nayt in Oh 9od and with Lazza in Gua10.
His second album, entitled, was released in 2022 c@ra++ere s?ec!@lewhich contains the singles Roundabout with Tiziano Ferro, The Y with Coez and Siri in collaboration with Lazza and Sfera Ebbasta.
The latest album was released on September 30, 2022, after being anticipated by the singles m%nes!r!, the latter in collaboration with Lazza, Sfera Ebbasta and the producer Charlie Charles.