That memorial named after a horse

The “Memorial Dino” took place at the Ali del Vento Equestrian Center in Cona, Ferrara, a traditional event that has become a regular summer event and has now reached its fifth edition.

The history of the event was born from Dino, the historic horse of the founding partner of the Center, Marco Bortolotti. After 18 long years spent with his owner, Dino falls ill with severe arthritis. All veterinarians recommend killing him but Marco still keeps him alive, taking care of him and making him live in a pack and teaching many things, first of all his dignity. This is why he has become the symbol of the association, its philosophy and its commitment to disability.

In Cona, five equestrian centers competed with 81 riders engaged on a total of 150 routes divided into the three disciplines provided (Gimkana, Dressage, Jumping). All according to the rules of the Memorial Dino which provide for the absolute respect towards one’s own frames and towards the other riders in an atmosphere of fair play, aiming, as the final result for each combination, at personal improvement.

Great turnout of the public who encouraged the riders in the tests with great enthusiasm. Of particular importance, this year, was the introduction of the Minigimkana, reserved for young athletes up to 8 years of age, which saw the enthusiastic participation of 18 “mini-riders” in the competition. At the end of Sunday, then, the Dino Trophy was awarded (this year embodied by a valuable work of art by the master Eugenio Lenzi) to the rider who obtained the best performance in all three specialties . The prize was won by Margherita Andriulli from the Ali del Vento Equestrian Center. To her the victory and all the awards of this edition. Appointment for everyone next year.

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