"That my children are far from her": Daniel Radcliffe told the truth about his struggle with ‘childhood fame’

the star of Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffehas recently elaborated on his struggles with “child fame” and how could you not do the same for your “future children”.

In a final interview with Newsweek , Daniel He shared that he rose to fame at the age of 11 for his leading role in the HP franchise.

“I love my children, as long as they exist… I would love for them to be near the movie sets”Daniel said.

Continuous: “A dream would be for them to come to a film set and say, ‘God, you know, I’d love to be in the art department. I would love to be something on the team.’ A part of this, but not of that.

“Although I enjoy acting, I would not want fame for my son”added the actor What if.

Reflecting on the downside of stardom, Daniel commented: “If you can get a situation where you’re on a film set without necessarily [pensar] oh, this is going to be a big deal in your life, that’s great.”

“Movie sets are wonderful places. I think many times it can be wonderful for children. But it is really the fame side that should be avoided at all costs.”commented.

The problems of childhood fame according to Daniel Radcliffe

“I think a big problem for a lot of people is that they find themselves in a situation where they start doing something when they’re 10 years old.”he said in the March 2020 interview.

“They are engaged for several years and stop enjoying it. They are, at the time, the breadwinner for their family, so a number of people depend on them to continue doing this work and feel pressured to do so.

“If they don’t enjoy it, they say ‘Well, I’ll enjoy all the other things this life gives me, even if I hate the job.’ So I think that’s why you can see people going to drugs.”said.

When did Daniel Radcliffe start acting?

Radcliffe, who started acting at age 10 and won the coveted role of Harry Potter at age 11, has spoken about how difficult it is to deal with the pressures of being a celebrity. The “Swiss Army Man” revealed that he used to get very drunk to deal with the spotlight.