“That us is finished”: the truth about their separation, we will no longer see them together

“That us is finished”, we will no longer see them together: after years, the truth about their separation has been revealed, they have taken different paths!

That us is finished“, it is with these words that he made it known that by now we won’t talk about them anymore. What we are talking about is the story of a ‘duo’ born behind the scenes of a television program that certainly made history and made them famous.

The truth about separation (Credits: Instagram)

However, even good things can come to an end. And so, after several ups and downs, with these words he establishes the definitive separation: they have now taken different paths.

“That we are finished”, we will no longer see them together: it is useless to hope for a return, the truth about separation

In a podcast for BSMT, comedian Katia Follesa has disclosed some truths about distances taken from Valeria Grace. The two, have been two familiar faces within Zelig, the program that years ago gave them both a certain notoriety, to the point of making them a much-loved and highly-followed duo by the public. However, the relationship between the two cracked over time and there was no way to recover. As Follesa herself has made it known, those who hope for a reunion right on that Zelig stage will see their hope dashed because that duo no longer exists.

Both have now taken different paths and it is unlikely that they will return to the same track again. In this regard, in the Podcast BSMT Katia Follesa told what were the reasons that led the two to split forever.

If I could go back I’d be pissed like a beast because bad choices were made. I let some things slide because I didn’t want to take matters into my own hands and this caused the situation to fall apart“, Follesa began by saying that in her story she spoke of a presence that she would have liked by her side but that was not there in a difficult moment in her life. “Then we talked about it. But then that time had passed. We haven’t seen or heard from each other for a long time. Then she looked for me and we cleared up“, he continued saying. However, despite the clarification of that past moment, she felt that now they were lost. “But at that moment it was late and that time had passed, that moment was gone. That us is finished“.

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Katia Follesa (Credits: Instagram)

Katia Follesa was quite clear in this regard. She does not foresee the return of the fateful duo and for this reason she wanted to let everyone know that it will be difficult to see them together again on that stage. Despite a small ‘backfire’ between the two, something has now been lost. “For me that time was just gone. I think I was being diplomatic,” she concluded.