Thati Lira stole all eyes with a flirty minidress

Thati Lira He spent a long time as a couple with Mauricio Isla, but finally the relationship came to an end. In recent days, the soccer player has been on vacation on the paradisiacal beaches of Miami, but he is back in Chile with Luz Elif, the daughter he has with the Spanish influencer Gala Caldirola.

As for football, Mauritius Island He will have to compete with Byron Nieto, the possible second reinforcement of Universidad Católica. This is how former UC striker José Luis Villanueva confessed: “He is a good player. I had to play some games for Antofagasta in the Copa Sudamericana and the boy plays. He has conditions, he is very offensive, it happens a lot.”

And he added: “I would expect to see him on court to see if he can be a replacement for Island, a player who relieves him or puts pressure on him, because he obviously wants to play. He will take the photo at first and upload it to Instagram ‘look, here with the historic full-back’, but later he will want to eat it footballingly and then make his career. That’s something super important.”

Thati Lira in elegant dress. Source: Instagram @thati_lira

For his part, Thati Lira She has been focused on the self-improvement events that she holds every month for women. This December 5th, the last ‘Date me’ of the year was held at the Hard Rock Café in Santiago. “With a lot of fun, Alegría, closing a year full of successes,” the dancer wrote a week ago, leaving aside her break with Island.

Thati Lira from the bar. Source: Instagram @thati_lira

In the last days, Thati shared on her Instagram account a photo session that she did in an elegant red dress that removed the train and became a minidress. Without a doubt, the coach was filled with compliments and compliments from thousands of her fans. “Just say wooooow”, “Oh no that’s great!” and “Dazzling” were some of them.

Thati Lira in a minidress. Source: Instagram @thati_lira