Thati Lira turned up the heat in a tight swimsuit

Thati Lira She is very active with her projects, especially with the ‘Date me’ that she has this October 17. The former ‘Dancing for a dream’ has “An encounter with you, with me and with us” for October, the month of breast cancer. For this, she is preparing emotionally but also physically.

Recently, thati He shared with his followers the treatment he underwent to rejuvenate his face. “Good afternoon, I’m here with my doc (…) and I just got botox… I haven’t done it for a long time, like six months,” he began by telling his fans.

And he added: “I was desperate, she was very calm and I was desperate.” thati revealed what treatment it is specifically about: “Nano needles with hyaluronic and vitamins. Nutrition, hydration, collagen formation”. Let us remember that the botulinum toxin injection is a minimally invasive procedure that, carried out by expert hands, has no adverse effects.

‘Date Me’ by Thati Lira. Source: Instagram @thati_lira

this past Sunday, Thati Lira shared a photograph that left everyone speechless where she is seen posing on the edge of a pool on the terrace of a building in Santiago. The influencer wore a red swimsuit and a black piluso. She also lay down on a pink towel, with a glass of the same color in her hand.

Thati Lira in a bathing suit. Source: Instagram @thati_lira

“How not to love the sun? Life. Activating melatonin, serotonin and color. Sensation of well being, joy, of life! Thank you God ”was the epigraph that the dancer used to accompany her post. The publication of Instagram garnered thousands of likes, including that of his ex Mauritius Island. “Beautiful!!! Enjoy sunny days” and “I love the sun, summer is wonderful” were some of the comments she received.