The 5th edition of ‘Valori in Campo’ by Gruppo Cap is underway to promote inclusiveness and sustainability

An investment of 240 thousand euros by the Group to support the projects of the 14 sports clubs of 21 Municipalities, winners of the 2022/2024 tender

Three projects dedicated to enhancing women’s sport, 6 those dedicated to promoting inclusiveness and gender equality, 3 initiatives that use sport to raise awareness of the water resource and 2 dedicated to the environment and sustainability. The fifth edition of Valori in Campo is underwaythe two-year project of Gruppo Cap, manager of the integrated water service of the metropolitan city of Milan, which aims to use sport as a vehicle for raising awareness of fundamental values ​​for building the world of tomorrow.

The Valori in Campo project was presented today at the new headquarters of the Cap Group in Milan, with the presence of Roberto Maviglia, Managing Director for School Construction, Sports Facilities and Idroscalo Management of the Metropolitan City of Milan, Marco Riva, President of Coni Lombardia , and Alessandro Russo, president and CEO of Gruppo Cap.

Dedicated to young people between 6 and 20 years oldValori in Campo is a project that aims to involve young people personally and actively thanks to the many sports associations that operate in the Milanese hinterland, to promote respect for the environment, gender equality and ‘inclusivity. Over the next two years, Cap will in fact invest 240,000 euros to finance 14 initiativeschosen from among the 21 projects proposed by the various sports clubs of the Municipalities of the area that participated in the tender.

“The task of a public company is not only to offer an efficient service to citizens, but also to commit itself every day to help build the world of tomorrow, explains Alessandro Russo. In this sense, combining sports activities with the themes of environmental sustainability and equal opportunities is a way that allows us to address the younger generations directly. The extremely positive experience of the last tender, which contributed to helping many young people in facing the difficulties that we have all experienced, convinced us to return to invest in initiatives that promote female sports talents and aim at integration, but also at the fight against discrimination, a very topical theme also in the professional field. With the new edition of Valori in Campo, we too want to do our part”.

In the call scheduled for the two-year period 2022/2024, 4 categories were awarded: Women’s Sportsto promote sport in the female world at all levels and support gender equality; Special projectsin support of integration and the fight against discrimination with particular attention to groups at risk of inclusion; Other sports, to explore all kinds of sports activities, even those less known and practiced; and the Soccerwhich has seen the emergence, among others, of a project capable of including the participation and passion of female athletes.

There are 14 sports clubs selected, based on the projects proposed to promote environmental and social culture, which will involve as many as 21 Municipalities. I’m many and different sporting activities used, from swimming to rugby, from gymnastics to basketball and of course football. Also in the next two years there will therefore be thousands of young male and female athletes involved, from childhood to adulthood.

The focus on the environment, which sees an ever greater commitment on the part of young people, is at the heart of the manifesto of Valori in Campo: the Charter of Values, full of important principles, such as respect, fair play, fun, participation, but also non-violence, integration, legality. A code of conduct which defines the spirit of the initiative and which will have to be adopted by the teams of the 14 winning sports clubs. Precisely “those values ​​in the field” that guide the activities of the CAP Group every day in the development of the territory it oversees.

Indeed, promoting the culture of the environment is anything but a sport. The need is to share the principles and objectives of Sustainable Development with the new generations of the Milan area (Sustainable Development Goals) of Agenda 2030, with particular attention to the right of access to water as a fundamental human right and to the management of water resources according to a truly virtuous model.

The activities of the sports clubs of Valori in Campo 2022/24

Category: Women’s Sport

ASD Visette Volleyball, Settimo Milanese – Water Volleyball

The project aims to encourage the practice of sport by girls and boys, promoting integration and social inclusion, and at the same time raise awareness of the responsible use of water.

Metanopoli Sport, San Donato Milanese and Buccinasco – Women’s water polo equal opportunities

The sports club aims to create a women’s water polo team that can participate in the FIN federal championship and aim for the A1 series.

Team Sport, Segrate – Sportingly by your side!

The project, through sporting activity and support actions, aims to support the athletes in their daily lives, on and off the field, thus counteracting the abandonment of sport also due to family commitments.

Category: Special Projects

AS Zeroquattro ASD, Limbiate and Solaro – Volleyball and Fencing-Inclusive sport for all

The aim of the initiative is to use fencing to overcome divisions and encourage inclusiveness by addressing both able-bodied athletes and disabled athletes at different levels (wheelchair users, blind people, with intellectual-relational disabilities).

Fencing Academy, Novate Milanese – Fencing for everyone: inclusion takes to the stage

The Fencing Academy of Novate wants to develop an inclusive project that brings together “able-bodied”, blind and physically and mentally disabled people in a single environment.

ASD Fight Club Seggiano, Pioltello – Olympicap

An original project that aims to promote social cohesion and the inclusion of refugees and migrants in the community that hosts them through free struggle.

CBC Show Camp Basketschool, Corbetta – CBC DREAM TEAM ’92 CAP

The goal of the Corbetta sports club is to continue the CBC DREAM TEAM ’92 CAP social inclusion project started in the last two years to bring disabled and able-bodied kids to share spaces in the gym by playing basketball.