The ABC of the 2024 Rai license fee, from payments to exemption: what you need to know

Deadlines, payment methods

The Rai license fee in 2024 it dropped from 90 to 70 euros. Since 2016 it has been charged on invoices issued by electricity companies in ten monthly installments, from January to October of each year. The monthly payment therefore goes from 9 to 7 euros. However, every year there are two important deadlines regarding the Rai license fee. January 31, 2024 is the deadline both for declaring that you do not have a TV and for paying the license fee with the F24 form. Mauro Antonelli, of the National Consumers Union, reminds us of this by explaining what Italians must do.

From the deadlines to the methods for paying the amount, how it will be paid in 2024

If no member of the registered family, required to pay the fee, holds a residential domestic electricity contract, the fee must be paid with the F24 form by 31 January of each year. The F24 form must also be used for the payment of the fee by citizens for whom the electricity supply takes place within networks not interconnected with the national transmission network, i.e. for those who live on the islands of Ustica, Tremiti, Levanzo, Favignana, Lipari, Lampedusa, Linosa, Marettimo, Ponza, Giglio, Pantelleria, Stromboli, Panarea, Vulcano, Salina, Alicudi, Filucudi, Capraia, Ventotene.

The payment of the TV license fee in the event of renewal can be made: in a single annual payment, paying 70 euros by 31 January 2024; in two semi-annual payments, respectively by 31 January and 31 July (35.73 euros per installment for 2024); in four quarterly installments, respectively by January 31st, April 30th, July 31st and October 31st (18.62 euros per installment for 2024).

Exemption from the fee, who is entitled to the benefit?

Some entities are exempt from paying the Rai license fee. There are three cases of exemption. 1) Those who, being 75 years of age or older, have an income of themselves and their spouse not exceeding a total of 8,000 euros (threshold valid from 2018). 2) Foreign diplomats and soldiers. 3) Who does not own a TV.

The benefit is valid for the entire year if the 75th birthday is reached by January 31st of the same year. If the 75th birthday occurred between 1 February and 31 July of the year, the benefit is valid for the second semester.

The subjects who have submitted the substitute declaration, if the exemption conditions remain, can continue to benefit from the relief even in subsequent years, without proceeding with the submission of new declarations. If, however, the requirements certified in a previous substitute declaration are lost, for example because the expected income limit is exceeded, it is necessary to present the declaration of change in the conditions of the substitute declaration form.

How to obtain exemption from the Rai license fee: the substitutive declaration

From 1 January 2016, possession of the appliance is presumed in the case in which there is ‘a user for the supply of electricity’ in the place where a person has his/her registered residence (i.e. it is presumed towards the holders of a electricity user for resident domestic use). If this is not true, to overcome this presumption and avoid being charged on the bill, every year citizens who do not own a television set and are holders of a residential electricity contract must submit a declaration in lieu of non-possession of a television. In short, it is not enough to have already declared in the past that you do not have a TV, you have to do it again every year.

To obtain the exemption it is necessary that no member of the registered family owns a television set. Therefore, by 31 January 2024, the substitutive declaration relating to the television subscription fee for private use must be resubmitted, filling in panel A of the form (Substitute declaration of non-possession of the television), otherwise you will be forced to pay at least the first semester fee. The heirs must also submit a substitute declaration to declare that there is no television set in the home in which the electricity is still temporarily registered in the deceased person’s name.

The substitute declaration must be submitted directly by the taxpayer (residential electricity user owner) or by the heir: via the web application; through authorized intermediaries (Caf, professionals, etc.); by registered mail without envelope, to the address: Revenue Agency – Provincial Directorate I of Turin – TV License Office – PO Box 22 – 10121 Turin. In this case, it is necessary to attach a valid identification document via certified email, provided that the declaration itself is signed by digital signature. The digitally signed declaration must be sent via certified email to [email protected].