The Acea Innovation Tour, a journey between technology and sustainability, is starting

A journey in three stages: Terni, Naples and Rome

TheAcea Innovation Tour, a three-day project on innovation issues to be combined with sustainability strategies and translated into services to the territories where the multiutility operates in the water, energy and environmental sectors. This year, the traditional day that the Acea Group dedicates to innovation becomes a journey in three stages, Terni, Naples and Rome, in which the company promotes a discussion between experts in the sector, representatives of institutions, companies and start-ups, on new scenarios and the new challenges of the future. The slogan of this edition, ‘People, Territories and Innovation‘, expresses a concept of innovation that starts from the needs and proposals of people and territories.

The first stage of the Innovation Tour took place today in Terni, the laboratory city in which Acea has already created and developed innovative solutions linked to sustainable mobility to guide the urban fabric and its ecosystem of young people and startups towards an increasingly green and sustainable future. The event, which took place at the Confindustria headquarters, in the presence of numerous students from the Allievi-Sangallo Technical Technological Institute, hosted two panels, ‘A new smart city model’ and ‘Open Innovation and innovation experiences in the area ‘, in which the key elements for the creation of this new smart city model were analyzed, from an institutional and technological point of view.

To close the work, the managing director of the Acea Group, Giuseppe Gola which, at the end of the day, awarded the winning start-ups of the ‘Open Call #reshapcea’ contest, launched together with Ernst & Young on the theme of the smart city in an awards ceremony that took place according to the new innovative and immersive methods of the metaverse. “With the Innovation Day, which for the first time this year takes place in three stages, we want to consolidate and expand the dialogue with the territories in which we operate, proposing ourselves as their partner in the search for technologically advanced solutions for an increasingly efficient management of services to citizens. Acea, in fact, through these days of meetings and discussions, intends to share its strategy which envisages a development model in which innovation and digitalization are integrated with the principles of sustainability and ecological transition ”, stated Giuseppe Gola.

The winner of the contest was the TechBricks that for the challenge of ‘a new model of smart cities’ presented smart energy solutions for the community. TechBricks will now have the opportunity to experiment with the Capitoline company. Start-up Beyoond ranked second and start-up Artys third.

The second stop of the tour will be in Naples, on June 8th. The day, included in the Green Med Symposium, will be held in the Congress Center of the Neapolitan capital. The panel ‘The challenges of Open Innovation in the ecological and digital transition’ will decline, starting from the Acea innovation model aimed at creating concrete applications, the best practices in Campania and those of the companies of the Gesesa and Gori group in terms of protection of water resource.

The final day will take place in Rome, at the Officine Farneto, on 8 July and will be divided into three panels: ‘Open and borderless innovation’, ‘Acea together for the ecological transition: results and new challenges’ and’ Glocal innovation: from Rome to San Francisco ‘in which the results of the company’s internal work will be described in’ Unsustainable Tables’, preparatory to the development of Acea’s ecological and digital transition plan. In addition, ‘glocal’ innovation will be discussed by analyzing new models, such as the ‘Innovation Antennas’, which can contribute to the country’s ecological transition path. Finally, a special space, the ‘Call4Startup for women’, will be dedicated to the research and innovation work carried out by the start-ups, made up of women, who have joined the initiative.