The achievement of the daughter of China Suárez that moved everyone

China Suarez beside Nicolas Cabre They attended their daughter Rufina’s New Year’s Eve event. Together they got a pleasant surprise. Her daughter was recognized at school as “best partner.” Of course, both parents immediately celebrated the beautiful achievement of the little 9-year-old girl.

Rufina diploma. Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa.

For his part, the China shared in his Instagram stories the photo of the diploma of rufina. In it you can clearly read that Rufina was chosen as “Best Partner for her human qualities”, excited Eugenia Suarez added: “I’m not crying, a daughter got into my eye” and labeled Nicolás. The proud father and recognizing the work of both as parents added: “What a beautiful daughter we have!”

China and Rufina. Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa.

The posts from her slimy parents continued. The China He posted an accomplice photo with his eldest daughter and dedicated the following message to her: “The one who understands, the one who accompanies, the one who accepts, the one who embraces, the one who cares, the one who empathizes with every living being. Love of my life, yesterday you received the best award, being chosen by your friends as the best partner. I can’t feel more pride, more love, more gratitude. How lucky we were, my little ponjita”. Nicolás commented on this publication saying: “The most beautiful on the planet, the kindest, the one with the purest heart.”

The family. Source: Instagram @nicolascabre80

Secondly, Nicolas Cabre He did not stay behind and celebrated the family they have formed despite the fact that he and Eugenia are not in a relationship. In the photo you can see China, Rufina and Magnolia, daughter of Benjamín Vicuña, I will fit He said about his only daughter: “Beautiful rufita. She could put so many things. But I think the photo explains everything. The photo alone speaks of the pure love of a family (those who are there, and those who couldn’t go…), of the pride that makes us accompany you and see you being what you are.”

Y Nicolas Cabre He continued writing with great emotion: “The pride that gives us that you have turned out the best partner, chosen by your friends. Which does not surprise us, but rather confirms that everything we see in you is real. I congratulate you my love, I am infinitely grateful for the smiles you give me and how beautiful you make my life. Thank you, thank you and thank you. You make me the happiest dad in the world!!! Never change. I love you every second more and more.”