The actor explains his drama to everyone: “I’m alive by a miracle”, the story is creepy

On the occasion of his book, the actor wanted to reveal to everyone the impressive drama he experienced: the story gives chills.

A real drama, the one recently told by the beloved actor and which left everyone speechless. On the occasion of the release of her book, the star of many successful films and very popular TV series could not help but tell about the ordeal she went through due to her independence from alcohol and painkillers.

Drama actor. Credits: Youtube

We are used to thinking that local and international stars have no problem just because, due to their work, they are forced to always smile in public. In reality, as told in several of our articles, this is not the case at all! They too, like ordinary people, face life on a day-to-day basis. And, many times, they are forced to deal with the difficulties that arise before them. An example is the beloved Italian face, who recently told of having fallen into depression, but also of an appreciated one actor overseas.

The tale to which the actor has let himself go is really creepy. And above all, he makes it clear how deep the tunnel he went through was and how immense his willpower was to get out of it.

The actor reveals his drama to everyone: the story leaves everyone stunned

In this book of his, which will be published in Italy among a few books, the beloved actor he is completely naked. Starting from the relationship with one of his former companions and a colleague of his set, the interpreter could not help but retrace the drama experienced when he was only 49 years old, which was making him risk his life. “I am alive by a miracle”, he recently told People. A sensational confession, as it can be clearly understood, which suggests how impressive the nightmare experienced is.

We are sure that you too loved this TV series and were crazy about its character. We are talking about him: the handsome Chandler from Friends, do you remember him? It is he who recently explained his drama, letting go of a really creepy tale.

The handsome Matthew Perry, in fact, said he started abusing alcohol at the age of 14. And, after a serious accident on a water slide, he developed his addiction to painkillers. “I was already sending 55 tablets a day”, he told ABC. Needless to say, however, that his ‘obsession’ with these drugs has caused him very serious problems. At the age of 49, in fact, he was hospitalized for 5 months and unfortunately spent two weeks in a coma. “They attached me to a machine called Ave Maria, because no one survives”, he explained to People.

actor drama tale
Matthew Perry today. Credits: Instagram

After hitting rock bottom, Matthew Perry managed to get out of this damn tunnel. The ascent was not easy, but he can now say he made it.