The actor has a very different look from how we saw him in Daydreamer: do you recognize him like that?

Do you recognize him with this new look? The actor starred in Daydreamer but he looked very different in the show.

One of the Turkish series broadcast in Italy that has had a resounding success is Daydreamer-The wings of the dream. The audience was particularly impressed with the plot and naturally got involved in the love story between Can and Sanem even if theirs isn’t the only one we’ve been following.

Daydreamer, the actor today (credits: instgram)

At the center of attention obviously there was the bond between the protagonists, born almost by chance after a meeting of a few moments in which there was a kiss by mistake. From that moment on, the young aspiring writer has done nothing but think about the man she gave the name of Albatros. When she starts working for the company owned by Can and her family, she has no idea that her Albatros is her own photographer. In Daydreamer, the love story between Can and Sanem made viewers dream but the others were not far behind, some with a not exactly happy ending.

The actor you see above in the photo starred in the Turkish TV series. Now it has a very different look from what we have seen it, even the style is different: so can you recognize it?

In Daydreamer he had a very different look: do you recognize the actor and the character he plays?

The actor pictured above was part of the cast of Daydreamer-The Wings of the Dream. His is a character from the beginning much loved by the public, simple and genuine. Unfortunately, he leaves the scene before the end, so he is not present until the last episodes.

In the series the center of attention is his love, that is a feeling that is not reciprocated and that although he later manages to join his beloved and is almost close to marriage, everything falls apart. The woman he loves is actually in love with another soap character. Do you understand now who the actor is and which character he brought to the stage?

We have no doubt that this is the case, in Daydreamer he played Osman, the butcher who later became famous and changed profession, initially starting to work as a model for advertising. He has always been in love with Leyla, Sanem’s sister. Unfortunately this is an unrequited love and after so much sailing the young man leaves far from the country. More than a year after we last saw him, the actor looks very different.

actor daydreamer
Daydreamer, now an actor (credits: youtube)

Would you ever recognize him with the new look? Ali Yagci, as you can see from the shot above, she has grown her hair and now wears much longer hair. Even the style is different, in everyday life and away from the set she dresses much more casual. Did you like the character of Osman?