The actor left his mark on Harry Potter: Do you know who his wife is?

We loved the character of Remus Lupine in Harry Potter but do you know who the wife of the actor who played him is?

We loved all the Harry Potter characters, from the protagonists, Harry, Hermione and Ron to the most ‘bad’ characters of the saga. All the actors flawlessly portrayed the wizard or witch or muggle they were supposed to bring to the stage. We have experienced the pains, the fears, we have felt the love and the passion, the courage to fight and the strength to never give up on the Chosen One, his friends and also the dark forces.

He plays Remus Lupine in Harry Potter, do you know who the actor’s wife is? (Crediits: youtube)

Among the protagonists of the saga we mention in this article Remus Lupinein particular referring to the actor who brought it to the stage, David Thewlis. British actor, screenwriter and director, the role of Defense Against the Dark Arts professor led him straight to success making him known around the world. Before joining the cast of Harry Potter he played important roles, such as the philosopher Jhonny in Naked-Swimming; during the nineties he appeared in films such as Restoration – Sin and Punishment, Poets from Hell, Seven Years in Tibet, The Siege and the list is long.

For some years, after two relationships behind him, he got married even if the announcement had not given it at the time: let’s find out who his wife is.

It’s Remus Lupine in Harry Potter: do you know who the actor’s wife is?

David Thewlis played Remus Lupine in the Harry Potter film saga. We followed this character from the chapter The Prisoner of Azkaban. Unfortunately in the final battle against Lord Voldemort he is killed together with his beloved and great protagonists will die with him.

Before playing the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor he brought on stage characters of a certain weight, acting in cinema and on television and also worked as a voice actor. As for his private life, in 2016 after two relationships ended he married in secret, revealing it only later.

David Thewlis and wife
Credits: instagram

The actor’s wife is called Hermine and she is a very beautiful woman of French descent. On his instagram channel Thewlis publishes shots with his beloved and all the photos are welcomed by thousands of likes and many compliments. They are a very beautiful and super close-knit couple.