The actor played CeyCey in Daydreamer: in this shot the detail is evident to everyone

The actor played CeyCey in Daydreamer: here he is today, more than a year after the end of the TV series.

We loved all the Daydreamer characters, from those who have tried in every way to put a spoke in the wheel of the story between Can and Sanem to the best ones, such as the young woman’s family, or friends, Guliz, Ayan, CeyCey.

In particular, we became fond of the character of CeyCey. She works in the company of Signori Divit and when the protagonist begins to work in the same company they establish a very strong friendship relationship. They joke and laugh together. This male character at one point bonds with Sanem’s best friend. The two fall in love and start dating but she has to take into account her brother Osman’s jealousy.

He played CeyCey in Daydreamer: this is how the actor is (Credits: youtube)

Unfortunately they lose sight of them because the girl leaves with the latter. The actor who played CeyCey was terrific. We went to sift through his instagram channel to see what he is like in everyday lifehere is a shot.

Daydreamer, that’s who the actor who played the cute CeyCey is

CeyCey works as a trainee in the Friki Harika company. When he meets Sanem they become best friends. Unfortunately, after Can’s departure following the accusation of the young woman of having burned her book, which had instead been thrown into the fire by Yigit, everything changes. The company goes bankrupt until it is ‘bought’ or at least just the proper name by CeyCey and Muzzafer, who become the owners and try to bring it back to life.

The actor who played Sanem’s nice friend is Anil Celik. We went to browse his instagram channel to see him in a different guise than the one he wore in Daydreamer.

Anil celik
Credits: instagram

This is what Celik, the interpreter of CeyCey in the series, is like, out of the shoes of his character. It would seem that it is not very different, the only evident detail to all is perhaps the beard, much thicker. Even in this social photo he seems to be intent on his work. Obviously many have not forgotten it because after Daydreamer we had the pleasure of seeing it also in another Turkish TV series broadcast in Italy, MR. Wrong-Lessons of Love.