The actor told about his life before success: “At 18 I went to the public”

The actor told in an interview about his life before success, here’s what he did: “At 18 I went to the public.”

Before entering the world of entertainment and obtaining the desired success, many characters have come a long way and worked their way up. There are those who, before starting their career, committed themselves to studies and made many sacrifices to be able to get where they are today and there are those who were lucky enough to make a sudden debut. For example, Salvatore Esposito said he had made many and as many of his family.

Actor first success (credits: mediaset play)

In an interview with Verissimo, to Silvia Toffanin’s microphones, he also explained that when he was studying at the Academy and his friends wanted to go out, he said he didn’t want to but in reality it was because he had no money. A confession that arrived today, after having achieved success thanks to the character of Genny Savastano in Gomorrah. Character that gave him popularity all over the world. Despite his fame, his parents have always told him to maintain humility because it takes very little to lose it and fall. Another beloved actor also told Toffanin’s microphones, when he was a guest in an episode, what his life was like before becoming famous.

He revealed that before that he was in the public, at 18 years old, with the hope in my heart of soon being able to establish himself in the show like the people he saw in those broadcasts.

The actor in a recent interview talked about his life before becoming famous: “At 18 I went to the public”

In an interview with Verissimo, to Silvia Toffanin’s microphones, the actor told a lot about himself, his life and the success he has achieved since he made his debut. He revealed what he was doing before getting where he is today, a journey made of commitment and many sacrifices. Giacomo Gianniotti, a guest in the presenter’s studio, retraced his career between Rome and Hollywood.

He explained that at the age of 18 he moved to Rome to try to enter the world of entertainment. Initially, she said, she went public when she was 18: “I went to Pippo Baudo’s audience, I watched important guests and I too dreamed of being a guest on a program”. He showed the emotion of sitting there, in Verissimo, putting it in the foreground even with words.

actor before success
Confession of the actor (credits: mediaset play)

Gianniotti became famous thanks to the role that consecrated him to the general public, that of doctor De Luca in the US television series Grey’s Anatomy. He also said that when he finished with the very famous series, he thought about going back to work in Italy. And that’s exactly what happened, since November 17 the actor has been at the cinema with Diabolik-Ginko on the attack. Do you like Giacomo Gianniotti?