The actress always seems confident but instead admits: “I suffer from panic attacks”

In the course of an interview with him, the actress told of suffering from panic attacks: her revelation is completely unpublished.

“All that glitters is not gold”: this is how we could start our article on our beloved Italian actress to tell you what no one would ever imagine. We usually think that public figures, just because we see them in videos that are always smiling and super professional, are completely unrelated to the problems of life. Instead, the words of this beloved actress confirm that this is not the case at all.

Famous actress. Credits: Instagram

In addition to the drama about the singer recently told by one of his greatest friends, we cannot help but reveal what was reported by a beloved actress during a very recent interview with the weekly ‘Chi’. Most likely for the first time ever, in fact, the famous interpreter told of suffering from panic attacks. “Inner monsters that have blocked me for long periods”, he explained to the newspaper directed by Alfonso Signorini.

Like Giorgia Soleri, even the protagonist of these words of ours could not help but let herself go to a rather ‘intimate’ confession never revealed before. “I suffer from panic attacks”, he said. Let’s find out who we are talking about.

The famous actress reveals that she suffers from panic attacks: who it is

A very long interview, the one she granted herself the actress on the occasion of his forty years on the pages of the newspaper ‘Chi’. In addition to talking about her private life and the relationship she currently has with her ex of hers, the beloved interpreter could not help but reveal something very ‘intimate’. Indeed, it is on the pages of the weekly that Laura Chiatti revealed that she suffered from panic attacks and that she had to deal with ‘monsters’. She was not at all unbalanced on everything she had to face, but she limited herself only to saying that precisely because of this problem, she was forced to give up various job offers.

To date, having reached the threshold of 40 years, Laura Chiatti has been reborn, but she cannot help but look back. And underline how much she is now capable of managing hers panic attacks.

The revelation about Marco Bocci

There has been talk for a long time about an alleged crisis between Laura Chiatti and Marco Bocci, but was it really like that? Apparently, it would seem that the couple – as well as many others – had a difficult moment, but nothing unsolvable. Finally, on a hypothetical betrayal, the actress has very clear ideas and she could not help but reveal them without too many mints.

actress panic attacks
Laura on Instagram. Credits: Instagram

For us, the couple formed by Marco Bocci and Laura Chiatta is ten and praise for you?