The actress confesses that she has never resorted to cosmetic surgery: the photos

The actress confesses that she has never resorted to cosmetic surgery: her words have not gone unnoticed.

She is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in our cinema and is absolutely not afraid of the signs of aging. Throughout her life she hasn’t never resorted to any cosmetic surgery.

Famous Actress (Instagram Credits)

It was she who confessed it, in a long interview with Vulture. An interview in which she also revealed the reasons why she chose not to undergo any cosmetic retouching, despite her having thought about it in the past. Following her words in detail.

“I’ve always lacked courage”: the actress has never undergone cosmetic surgery

She turned 70 last June and is simply lovely. A timeless, natural beauty, where no cosmetic surgeon has intervened. To reveal it was the famous actress, who she explained that she had never redone anythingdespite having considered the possibility in the past.

The actress explained that she had asked herself, in the past, why not to take advantage of all the new technologies in the aesthetic field, considering the hypothesis of contacting a plastic surgeon. Something she, however, she ultimately never did: “I’ve always lacked the courage. Most of the time I wonder if these practices are not based on a misogynistic ideal ”.

To speak is Isabella Rossellini, a real icon of cinema. At 70, the star reveals that she has never undergone any cosmetic surgery in her life and that she absolutely doesn’t want to start now. “I thought about it around the age of 40, 50, but today I can say it: I think it has to do with misogyny. Furthermore, I manage an organic farm and eat healthy, it would be decidedly inconsistent ”.

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Isabella Rossellini (Instagram Credits)

Alongside her career as an actress, which continues, Isabella has in fact founded Mama Farm, an agricultural company that she runs with her daughter Elettra, located in Brookhaven, one hundred kilometers from New York.