The actress had an accident while on the set: taken to the hospital

Accident for the well-known Hollywood actress currently shooting the new film starring her: it happened on the set.

No job is risk-free: even the Hollywood stars prove it to us, who are not infrequently subject to unforeseen events during the filming of films. Fortunately, almost always these are minor incidents, but it also happened that the set of a film was the scene of real tragedies.

Even the adorable series Don Matteo, in all these years, she has not been immune from a mishap that could have had serious consequences for an actor in the cast. The latest in chronological order was a diva of American cinema who, after the unfortunate event she was taken to the hospital.

And the The Hollywood Reporter to tell it: during the days spent on the set of the film he is shooting in Croatia, the actress slipped and “at the request of the production” she was hospitalized to undergo medical checks.

Accident for the famous actress: it happened during the filming of her new film

The protagonist of the unfortunate episode is a beloved face of the stars and stripes cinema, which over twenty years ago achieved world fame thanks to the role of co-star played in one of the films that have remained immortal in the history of cinema. It was the late 90’s and she worked alongside Leonardo Dicaprio. The film told a romantic love story against the backdrop of a dramatic story that really happened in the early decades of the twentieth century. We obviously speak of the very good Kate Winsletinterpreter of Rose in Titanic.

The 46-year-old Brit is currently working on the set of the biopic Lee, of which he is the protagonist. The film tells the life of photographer Lee Miller and is set during the Second World War. Among the actors who make up the cast directed by Ellen Kuras, there are also Marion Cotillard, Andrea Riseborough, Josh O’Connor and Jude Law. The latter shared with Winslet the set of Love does not go on vacationan unforgettable 2006 comedy. According to what he reports The Hollywood Reporterthe actress “is fine and will resume filming soon.”

Film shooting actress (Credits: Youtube)

You will go and see Lee when will it be released in theaters?