The actress in this old photo is almost unrecognizable: do you understand who she is?

In this old photo, the beloved actress is almost unrecognizable: do you understand who she is? She is the protagonist of a famous soap.

A shot of the past, the one shared by the famous actress. And that, as we have been able to see from the number of likes and comments of her arrived with her, she drove everyone crazy.

In this old photo it is almost unrecognizable: who is this famous actress? Credits: Instagram

If “ordinary” people are used to using their respective social channels as real “virtual secret diaries”, even our VIPs are not far behind. Each of them, in fact, not only loves sharing very important work news with his audience – just like Csaba Dalla Zorza did recently – or concerning their “private” life, but also likes to share shots belonging to his past. After having shown you a picture of Eros Ramazzotti with a decidedly different look than the one of now, we cannot help but show you and delight your eyes with this old photo of the actress photo. The question we ask you now is: did you recognize it?

Who is the beloved actress in this old photo?

There are so many VIPs who love to share shots belonging to the past with their social audience. This time, it is the “turn” of a beloved actress of a famous soap opera. In this old photo, the interpreter shows herself to her followers very young, but always with a more unique than rare beauty. She may be almost unrecognizable to you, since so many years have passed since the photo, but what you can’t help but notice is how she hasn’t changed at all over the years. We are talking about her: the splendid Nina Soldano, as well as the dear and beloved Marina Giordano of the soap opera “Un posto al sole”.

“How many memories are contained in a simple photo of the 70s”, the actress writes accompanying the shot, underlining some of the distinctive “traits” of those years. “Paffutella, mascara, white eye pencil, permanent curls, caramel highlights, bangs, rebellious adolescence and aspiring actress”, wrote again.

actress old photo
Credits: Instagram

In short, many years will have passed since this shot, but Nina Soldano – apart from becoming a successful actress – is always beautiful, but above all identical to the past. Don’t you think?