The actress tells of when she was taken to an orphanage as a child: “I don’t know anything about my native family”

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The actress told in an interview about when she was taken to an orphanage as a child: “I don’t know anything about my native family”.

It’s always very difficult to tell others about ourselves and to let people know things about our lives that we often try to keep hidden in some way. We always carefully choose who to entrust our words to. And it’s just as difficult to do it for characters from the world of entertainment. Many times they try to keep the private part of their lives very far away, keeping it somehow hidden from the spotlight.

Actress, taken to orphanage (credits: instagram)

There are those who succeed and those who instead at a certain point find the private sphere poured into all the newspapers with lots of details. It also happens that someone, having started dating a person, tries not to show himself outdoors initially but despite his efforts, the paparazzi catches him. It’s really hard for famous people to keep their private and sentimental lives hidden. There are also many who during the interviews decide to open up and tell their story. A much loved actress recently decided to share her story and he told it to Today is another day, to the microphones of Serena Bortone.

She explained that as a child a social worker took her to an orphanage. She doesn’t know when she was born and therefore she doesn’t know her age exactly. She explained that she knew nothing of her native family: “I know nothing of my native family. Memories for me are sensations.

The actress told of when she was taken to an orphanage as a child: “I don’t know anything about my native family”

In an interview with Serena Bortone’s microphones on Today is another day, the actress told her personal story. She opened up completely by returning the words to the past, in particular to her childhood. Geneme Tonini, interpreter in Nudes, has decided to open up and explained that he did not know his date of birth.

“I was taken to an orphanage by a social worker, no one knew. They found me”he said. Apparently, as she disclosed, they were the ones who roughly determined how old she was. On paper she is 20 but she could also be 19 or 21, she doesn’t know. Geneme knows nothing about her native family, she was in an orphanage for about 4 years and she continually saw parents arrive who already had the connection with the child, she says, and in this interview she continues and confesses: “I felt like my time would come sometime, there was 90% hope, 10% heaviness”.

Orphanage actress
Confession of the actress (credits: youtube)

He also spoke of his arrival in Italy, explaining that he remembers it well and focused attention on his grandmother saying that she taught her patience and how to read. Today her parents are very proud of her.