The Altroconsumo decalogue for saving on a ski holiday is here

Practical advice to deal with the price surge ahead of New Year’s Eve

Practical tips for saving on snow in the face of a surge in prices for ski weeks in view of New Year’s Eve when two people will be able to spend up to 4,500 euros in Cortina. To dictate ten golden rules it is the association Altroconsumo.

1. First of all, you have to purchase the ski pass only for the days and hours in which you go skiing. There are also hourly or half-day formulas.

2. In some locations, if you buy the ski pass onlineyou have the right to 5/10% discount. It is useful to check first if there are promotions on the area’s website.

3. Outside the periods considered peak (Christmas, Carnival first and foremost) e during the week you spend less and enjoy the slopes more because they are less crowded.

4. Sometimes the hotels offer discounts for ski lifts or all-inclusive packages which may be more convenient.

5. Traveling in a group or with a ski club can be obtained discounts on ski passes.

6. Normally around at the end of January hoteliers and facility managers offer discounts.

7. Some apps that are used to skip the queue, such as My pass Sky, allow the skier to pay for the facilities only for the time actually used. They don’t work for all systems but it might be interesting to check.

8. By purchasing tickets directly on the websites of some ski resorts you can also get the 20/30% discount depending on the day. In some cases it is necessary to purchase a card/badge, such as Snowit, which will also work as a ski pass.

9. By joining the Fisi federation you can get the discount up to 50% for ski passes.

10. Often on low season offers are offered for children and teenagersin some cases also free with an adult (check the websites of the tourist resorts).