The American Circus returns to Rome with the best of the international circus

Flavio and Daniele Togni: “Bringing our shows back to the capital makes us feel at home again”

The European tour of the Togni family’s American Circus restarts from Rome, one of the most important circus ensembles in Europe, which has established a special relationship with the Romans since its creation. It will be from 23 December in viale Tor di Quinto 57 / B. “We are very happy to return to Rome where we have always been warmly welcomed – explain Flavio and Daniele Togni, producers of the show – international contracts keep us away from Italy for most of the year, but bringing the American Circus back to the capital makes us feel at home again ”.

The American Circus track will welcome international artists who have graduated from the most important festivals in the world. Among these Flavio Togni, the most awarded artist in the Principality of Monaco, who thanks to the relationship established with his magnificent horses, received from the hands of Princess Stephanie and Prince Albert the Oscar of the Circus, the coveted Golden Clown and three Silver Clowns. Flavio will be the protagonist of a spectacular equestrian carousel animated by over twenty horses of various races. The Togni family, which boasts 140 years of circus activity to its credit, has reached the fifth generation that today on the track offers historical disciplines, updated and in line with the most modern training principles. The most eloquent demonstration of this is provided by Bruno Togni who, at the age of 24, in addition to being an excellent juggler, proposes a majestic group of horses. A very young artist who despite his age already demonstrates all the confidence, charisma and talent of his father Flavio, his teacher and example.

The new generation is also present on the track with a high school framework proposed by Ilaria, Claudio Enis and Adriana Togni; the eccentric acrobatics of Enis and Claudio Togni and the antipodism (ie juggling with the feet) of Erika Togni. The great success achieved by the fifth generation of the Togni family in numerous international festivals testifies to the quality of the work proposed by this dynasty which affirms its brand all over the world as a guarantee of quality and made in Italy, both in horse training and in disciplines aerial and acrobatic. Do not miss the thrill with the Colombian flying trapeze artists Flying Rodrigues, the reckless tightrope walkers at great height, the ground moves and the breathtaking fast track jumps of the Ukrainian troupe The Flying Jumpers, the talented verticalist Samuele Manfredini and the bursting comedy of the clown Joy Costa. Tickets, from € 10 to € 40 depending on seat orders. Debut 23 December at 21.00. From 23 to 9 January, every day at 17.00 and 21.00; Sundays at 16.00 and 19.00; 31 December New Year’s Eve from 9.30pm. From 10 January from Monday to Thursday at 5.30 pm; Friday and Saturday at 17.30 and 21.00; Sunday 4.00pm and 7.00pm. Tuesdays weekly rest. Information