The anticyclone returns, sun and stable weather for at least 10 days

Block out all chances of rain or snow

The high pressure of the Azores on Italy returns, which will bring stable weather for at least another ten days. Lorenzo Tedici, meteorologist of the site informs that in the next few days the atmosphere will be practically stable and the days will pass with a prevalence of sunshine over many regions. Only the increase in cloud cover should be noted starting from Thursday evening and then Friday, due to the arrival of more humid winds, but the very low rainfall will only concern the intermittent Tyrrhenian sectors and the central Adriatic ones (Saturday). Due to the cumbersome presence of high pressure this year the winter seems not to have arrived. The presence of the anticyclone effectively blocks all possibilities of rain or snow. The northern regions were most affected by this atmospheric block. The river Po is dry as in summer and negative anomalies are also seen in the large lakes that have fill percentages ranging from 18% of that of Como to 22% of Maggiore. What is also worrying is the low water potential stored in the form of snow in the Alps and Apennines and whose value, especially in the Lombardy and Piedmont areas, records a -58%. A situation that puts at risk the crops that will need water to grow at the vegetative awakening favored by a mild winter. In fact, the raw material (snow) is also lacking to replenish our alpine glaciers already suffering in the last hot summers. Speaking of drought is therefore by no means an euphemism, in fact the rains have been missing for too long now (in the North it hasn’t rained for almost 50 days). And the negative effects do not end there: in these days the alarm has been triggered for the risk of fires favored by the onset of the strong wind that “dries” everything further and feeds the fires by transporting the burning embers, then the hand of arsonists or accidents. they do the rest. Many fires have already broken out in Piedmont (in Valle Pellice and the province of Biella), Lombardy (Brescia Prealps) and above all Liguria with the flames just behind Genoa (Monte Moro).


Wednesday 2. In the north: snowstorms on the Alpine borders, sunshine elsewhere. In the center: prevailing sun. In the south: good weather, mild climate at times.

Thursday 3. In the north: clouds rising to overcast skies. Middle: gradually covers Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio and western Sardinia. South: sunny.

Friday 4. In the north: fog over the valleys, cloudy skies elsewhere, rains in Liguria. In the center: often overcast sky, rains over upper Tuscany. In the south: rain showers in Campania, dry elsewhere.

Largely stable weekend.