The appeal of the political scientist Ignazi: “No more gossip and songs in the Palaces, focus on country emergencies”

“Too many distractions from very serious issues such as wages, health or school”

“Health care, school, wages: these are the serious problems and the real urgencies in our country. The rest are just songs, elements of mass distraction from obvious and very serious issues. Dramatic”. Piero Ignazi, full professor of Comparative Politics at the University of Bologna he invites politicians to focus on the country’s emergencies instead of following ”gossip and songs” which divert attention from the real problems. “Unfortunately – the political scientist tells Adnkronos – there is no magic wand and the situation is worse than a few years ago. During the covid period there were hopes of those who played the national anthem on the balcony and evoked a spirit of rebirth, as happened in 1945. Instead, none of this happened”.

Politics is engaged in, favored by the media system, relying on gossip “to distract the masses from glaring critical evidence: such as the loss of purchasing power and inflation of 10-12% in a framework of wage contracts that have given a 2% increase starting in 2021, which would cover 2022-23-24; Or like, despite the covid, the exodus of doctors and nurses for an underfunded public health sector. Let’s also include school, we have teachers least paid in Western Europe with a vertical collapse of their authority, which is also linked to remuneration”, underlines Ignazi.

To lend a hand “despite the risk that public attention is diverted from these problems also contributes the media system that follows gossip and songs, solicits, facilitates. Inexorably favoring the further disaffection and distance of citizens from politics. With very high risk democratic stability of the country: in fact, the less informed and the poorest do not vote, which defines the problem. Because abstention is a serious problem of democracy”, he concludes. (by Roberta Lanzara)