The audience of Men and Women is in raptures for Matteo, but do you know what he does in life? Not everyone imagines

The audience of Men and Women is literally in raptures for Matteo Ranieri, but do you know what job he does in life? Not everyone imagines it.

No one would have ever imagined and suspected it, yet the new tronista of Men and Women is just him: Matteo Ranieri. A few months after his experience in the same study of the dating show as a suitor of Sophie Codegoni, the very young Genoese returned to Maria De Filippi’s program. And, since that moment, it has been sending the whole Italian public into raptures.

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What work does Matteo do with Men and Women? Photo Source: Instagram

Matteo Ranieri has been able to win everyone’s attention not only for his incredible beauty, which the landlady also recently talked about, but also for his character. Sweet, affectionate and caring, the tronista of Men and Women has shown on more than one occasion that he is a boy of the past. But what do we know about him? For example, we know very well that Matteo is very attached to his family and his dogs, but you know what’s her job? We all know the passion for sport, but what do you do as a profession? Are you ready to discover everything?

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Do you know what work Matteo does with Men and Women?

Matteo’s journey in the chair of Men and Women is truly incredible, right? Although initially hesitant to accept the throne for fear of ‘making the program look bad’, in a very short time the good Ranieri proved to be just the right person for this new experience. How will it end? Who knows! Waiting to find out who will be his choice to Men and Women, however, let’s find out something more about him. If you too, in fact, have been enchanted by its charm, but also by its ways of doing and are ready to discover everything, this is the article for you.

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So, have you ever wondered what kind of job does the good Matteo Ranieri do? Well. According to what we learn from Fanpage, in fact, it would seem that the good Matteo works within a company that operates within the fixtures sector.

Matteo men and women work
Photo Source: Instagram

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