The author of “Thank goodness Silvio is there”: “A new song to remember Berlusconi”

Andrea Vantini: “My dream? Playing it in Arcore”

13 years have passed since Andrea Vantini wrote “Thank goodness Silvio is there”. An ode to Berlusconi, which soon became an anthem of the electoral campaign and sung with enthusiasm and passion by fans at the Azzurri’s political conventions. Today the singer-songwriter returns to celebrate the former prime minister with a decidedly more nostalgic and – he assures – moving melody. “Yes state ‘o first love – sings Vantini – President, this is for you. The dream will continue President. My heart knows it”, are the words with which the song ends.

“With the record label that produced it, I then nominated ‘Il mio cuore lo sa’ for Sanremo. Nothing was done about it and they don’t know that they missed out, but I’m not giving up”, he tells Adnkronos. The song recounts the last days of Berlusconi’s life. “What convinced me to write it was the last video in which he greeted his people about him. He touched me a lot, a man who until the end had the strength to speak to the people about him.”

Andrea is not afraid of not enjoying the same success as his first work ‘Thank goodness Silvio is there’. “Last June, when the President passed away, it returned to being first in the charts in Spotify’s Viral 50 Italy. I wrote this last song from my heart, to remember the man, his idea. And ‘a song dedicated to him, a fisherman of dreams. It will be a success regardless – assures Vantini – because things done with the soul always win”. Finally, a secret dream: “I would go and play the song for Silvio in Arcore, I’m ready to do it at any time”.