The before and after Lives at the Limit leaves you in shock: images in comparison, hard to believe

The before and after Lives at the Limit will really leave you in shock: here are two images in comparison, a transformation hard to believe.

Vite al Limite has been on the air for about 10 years, capturing a large slice of viewers with its shocking transformations. Even if they are not all the same and there are those who lose weight more and those less, all the changes that are used to alternate in the Houston clinic leave you speechless. The transformation of this protagonist of ours also provoked the same reaction, you know? Look here:

Comparison pictures. Credits: Discovery

It was exactly the seventh season of Lives to the Limit when the young boy made himself known to Dr. Nowzaradan. Very young, but with kilos that already exceeded 325 kg, the patient of the Iranian surgeon said that he had gained weight because of his will. Following the tragic death of his mother, in fact, the young man not only wanted to shut himself up completely in the house, no longer having relations with anyone, but he also began to eat everything that happened in front of him to feel less pain.

What for him, however, seemed to be a right and correct attitude, very soon turned out to be completely deleterious: he had to do with obesity and all the problems that it entails. How did it become thanks to Dr. Nowzaradan’s diet? Shock before and after!

Before and after Vite al Limite creepy! Impressive comparison

Driven by a strong desire to return to live, the young thirty year old from Texas wanted to ask for help from Lives on the Limit, starting a weight loss course with Dr. Nowzaradan. What was the result of him? Very few will believe it, but it was truly astounding. Although there have been several ups and downs during his journey to the clinic, the young man has managed to lose many kilos, beating all kinds of personal records. Just think, at the time of his first entry into the program he weighed 325 kg, but when he came out he weighed a good 182 kg. In short, a truly impressive transformation!

Seeing Aaron Washer right after his journey to Vite al Limite was incredible, but seeing him today – years after his participation in the program – is even more so. Below, we will bring you a photo of the before and after of the young man in his thirties just to make his transformation even clearer:

before after lives at the shock limit
Aaron first. Credits: Discovery

It was just like that Aaron when he asked Dr. Nowzaradan for help because he was unable to do everything. Are you curious, however, to see how it has become today? Look at him in this shot dating back to August with his wife:

before after lives at the shock limit
After Lives on the edge. Credits: Facebook

Really unrecognizable, right? This comparison between the before and after is more than impressive, no doubt about it!